What is the MTT Affiliate program?

MTT Affiliate is an affiliate marketing program that allows website owners and bloggers to create links and earn referral fees when learners click through and buy course from ManzoorTheTrainer.com. It’s completely free to join and easy to use. Provide learners the convenience of referring them to a trusted site where they can immediately purchase a course you advertise. And when they do, you can earn up to 50% in referral fees.

How the Affiliate Program Works?

Your Affiliate Commission:50% of sale price.Anytime a user lands on any page under http://www.manzoorthetrainer.com with your affiliate code embedded, we create a 90 days cookie in their browser. The only exception to this is if there is already an existing active affiliate cookie.Any purchase they make in the next three months is attributed to you, with you receiving 50% of the sales price. We pay out 30 days after the completion of every month since users have 30 days to request a refund if they are unhappy with the class.

How To Get started with MTT Affiliate program?

Signup with our portal and just raise a request below and wait for its approval. It will normally take 24-48 hrs. Upon approval you will receive an email.

How Affiliate can track sales?

Upon successfully setting up an affiliate, the affiliate will have a new Admin link in their menu bar.Clicking Admin will take the user to the Affiliate Area, where they can access Affiliate Details, Affiliate Links, Transactions, and Payout Details.

Affiliate Details provides basic information about how the affiliate program works.

Affiliate Links has an affiliate’s unique affiliate code and affiliate link to recruit people to course page.

Transactions shows how many sales they have driven.

Payout Details allows an affiliate to set up payments with PayPal only.