As soon an average 10+2 student gets an admission in any engineering college for IT branch he feels on top of the world and spreads the news to all his relatives that he is going to be a software engineer soon.

He starts enjoying the engineering life. But, slowly he feels that few lecturers are not teaching well and don’t have few lecturers at all. Always there will be two subjects as tough on top of their list i.e., Maths and CDS (C and Data Structures). So they start looking for some good tutors for these subjects who can teach them to clear these papers say need 40 marks to clear.

Here is the first mistake that they do by not learning C programming for which they need to suffer in their future subjects like C++, Java and Ms.Net and looses the intrest from programming.And soon they will feel that they have spend their 3 and half year in clearing their backlogs and filling the forms of exam fees and struggling for credits. Now they will think that this is their final year final semester and will learn some technology somewhere and do some good project.

But some rules from the university and college management come into the picture and ask them to do something new like IEEE projects, when they are not in a position to do anything old (say creating a simple form which inserts data into the database and read it back using any technology) and finally these students need to buy a project from the IT market (where college has tie up with them on some commercial percentage) and submit it to the college for the sake of final year project’s credits or 200 marks and comes out of the college with a degree in hand and a question on the faces of relatives and friends i.e., What are you doing currently? Due to less percentage in their graduation, less communication skills, less problem solving skills and no analytical skills they are not in a position to apply for campus placement activity in MNCs. Where as mid level organizations ask for min of 2yrs of experience. So, no chances of getting job.

Now the student starts looking for the process of doing MS in US and comes to know that he has to clear two more exams i.e., GRE and TOEFL and again pay fees for these trainings and exams and then apply for the VISA and gets rejected 8 out of 10 but without losing hope they keep trying again and again. By wasting one year they see that their juniors are also engineers now. Then they try for London, Australia, Ireland,etc., and after failing in all these attempts their brother from gulf will ask them to do some course and join them in gulf. As they are afraid of programming they decide to do networking and write Microsoft exams and leave for Gulf with fake experience of 2yrs.And start doing some kind of administrative job in gulf.

The 2 out of 10 who got US visa will not do MS instead does some odd jobs to earn money and takes 5yrs to completes MS of 2yrs. Once their VISA gets expired they come back to India with good bank balance and half of which they spend on their marriage and rest half they plan for doing some business specially real estates business, after spending all their bank balance they look for some institution to learn some technology and restart their career.

Those who don’t have anybody in gulf and no US visa will take a tough decision to learn some technology which should give them job just in 45 days and they get caught in the snares of some commercial institution and waste their 6 more months and move out without job with little knowledge of some technology.By this time they have wasted their 2yrs and now they will be in a plan to put some fake experence and look for the job.

They get fake experience from some commercial institutes and they start getting calls for the interviews, after failing 25 to 30 interviews, with some reference or fortunately they get a job in IT industry. As their experience is fake they are not in a position to do any task assigned to them and starts seek the help of senior, if they help them then their job is safe else they will be fired in 3 months So they always live with the fear of losing their job.

Solution to this is covered in next article.