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Entity Framework Core is the new generation data access technology. It is a easy and feature rich ORM which makes working with database in a .NET environment typesafe. But even though it makes things easy, there are many things that leaves developers in confusion and they move on saying that "it is working, lets see performance issue later on.." When you are writing Entity Framework Core (EF Core) queries (i.e. reading data from the database) you want high performance. It turns out that it’s possible to do that in EF, but there should be always a handshake between object size and number of hits to SQL Server.

What suits best for what scenario is most important thing that we need to understand. It can be achieved with the use of best combination of the following features.

  • IList Vs IEnumerable Vs IQueryable
  • Eager Loading Vs Explicit Loading Vs Lazy Loading

Most of the developers are not sure what to use when and how it works?

No worries!!!

I am going to make is super simple in the upcoming free webinar and it is for those who are already working on Entity Framework code first or have basic understanding of Entity Framework core code first. so, freshers please excuse me.

Location Of Webinar: GOTO MEETING

Online Class Room Link: Will be shared in the whatsApp group.

Date Of Webinar: 19th March, 2020 (Thursday)

Time Of Webinar: 08:00 AM to 10:00 AM (IST)

Speaker: Mohammed Manzoor Ahmed (MCT | Founder Of MTT)


  • Kindly block the seat only if you are sure to attend.
  • Classroom will be lock as soon we start the session.

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We have successfully conducted the webinar!

If you missed it no worries we have also recorded it :)

It's Available Here --> https://www.manzoorthetrainer.com/p/immediate-vs-deferred-mode-and-eager-vs-explicit-vs-lazy-loading-ilist-vs-ienumerable-vs-iqueryable